How SchoolSeed Supports Teachers

I Teach. I am.

Shelby County Schools publicly honors its shining stars with a recognition program called I Teach. I Am.

Each quarter, the top teacher (based on TEM or TVAAS scores) from each region is honored with public recognition in the form of a billboard, for a total of 20 teachers honored each school year.

Each teacher’s school receives resources to host a school-wide celebration for its individual and school achievements. The grade and subject area changes each quarter to ensure every type of teacher is included.

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Elevating and Celebrating Effective Teaching and Teachers

Elevating and Celebrating Effective Teaching/Teachers (ECET2), developed by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, infuses technology with opportunities for professional growth and development among teachers.

The Gates Foundation's aim is to lend support by creating specialized teams of top-performing teachers who have a passion for education and a desire to elevate their profession. ECET2 helps provide teachers with the tools they need to impact their students' learning, growth and achievement.

Although legacy Shelby County Schools and legacy Memphis City Schools teachers previously participated in a national ECET2 conference hosted by the Gates Foundation in San Diego, the Mid-South’s first ECET2 conference was held at the Mid-South Convention Center in fall of 2013.

About 100 select SCS educators participated in the teacher-led, teacher-inspired conference, whose theme was “teachers’ Voices Matter.” The conference offered teachers motivational workshops and tools from other educators to support their continued excellence in the classroom.