How SchoolSeed Empowers Parents


SchoolSeed is a neutral, non-political broker of information to help parents and other community members make decisions about their children’s education.

We work with parents at various schools to raise money by supporting projects that are not supported by tax dollars. Examples include:

  •   Douglass Elementary Chess Club
  •   Deaf Family Literacy Program
  •   Overton Creative & Performing Arts Program
  •   Middle College Debate Team


SchoolSeed funds Our Children. Our Success: a campaign dedicated to repositioning the focus from the politics of education to the success of public school children, no matter who serves them.

This campaign is led by a coalition of more than a dozen trusted nonprofit community partners with the shared goal of empowering the public through transparency, disseminating, and accurate information about how we can all support our children.

The ongoing campaign uses a variety of approaches, including media appearances, PSAs, billboards, fliers and public town hall forums, to encourage our entire community to participate and invest in the lives, education and general wellbeing of our children.

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