Evidence of SchoolSeed's Role as a thought partner and intermediary


Evidence of School Seed serving as an intermediary resides in the plethora of services and programs managed for the benefit of schools, educators, students, and parents. Serving as fiscal agent for the MCS/SCS Teacher Effectiveness Initiative was the original reason for the establishment of the School Seed Foundation. In addition to flawlessly overseeing the use of over $100 million of philanthropic support, School Seed provided program oversight, engineered budget modifications, and monitored outcomes. When the TEI got underway in 2009 MCS/SCS had an accountability grade of ‘D’. Three-years later the District’s accountability grade was ‘B’ due, in large measure, to the implementation of the TEI and the management of the related resources and widespread community engagement in the initiative. The Innovation Zone (iZone) was developed to turnaround chronically low performing schools. School Seed supported the nationally recognized turnaround model (see the Vanderbilt Study) and the District by managing its professional development budget, sponsoring teacher recognition programs, providing a Teacher Toolbox and Store, creating Team Read where 1000 volunteers provided reading support for students from PreK-3rd grade, developing a Parent Resource Guide and sponsoring Parent University, and by organizing an annual Alumni Hall of Fame Gala to raise funds for supplemental programs not a part of the District’s core budget. A Chess Club, Debate Team, and Performing Arts Projects continue to be beneficiaries of School Seed support and guidance. The annual coat drive supplies indigent students with warm winter coats. And, high school students participate in an Equal Opportunity Group program where they travel to various sites to learn about post-secondary school options. A Deaf Family Literacy Academy highlights School Seeds intermediary expertise and experience.